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Behavioral Training By Dan Absolom

Behavioral training is not just for the dog but also for the owner. Its the owners responsibility to learn how to lead their pack and apply the boundaries as a pack leader

Failing to stick to this golden rule will create behavioral issues, which if not addressed correctly will escalate further. This can cause discontent and unrest between family and friends.

Learn how the body language of people and other animals plays a vital role in a dogs behavior, grasp the concepts behind a dogs way of thinking and see what actions create negative and positive results.

Without this knowledge, you can easily undo any training provided by a dog trainer and create a viscous cycle of progression and remission, further de-stabalising your dog.

Its great to love a dog and make them a part of your family, but are you loving them too much?.

Dogs like affection no different to many animals, but that affection can be shown the wrong way leading to an unstable and nervous creature. Its important to show your affection to your dog in the right manner, boosting confidence and positive mental balance..

Learn to recognize if your dogs fits your pack. Some dogs (regardless of their breed) have a strong disposition and are natural pack leaders and will constantly push to be top dog.

These dogs require confident and strong pack leaders to keep them in check. This could lead to the requirement of re-homing in order to provide the structure and balance the dog requires.

Pack Leadership
Put It All Together

Lead The PackHarmonzing With Your Dog

Your beloved dog may be your part of your family but they are still a pack animal at heart and require stability and direction. You may very well love, care and nurture your pet with all the best of your intentions, but your physical actions may be giving the wrong signals and leading your dog into an unstable and insecure mindset.

  • Dogs & Children

    Ensuring that you are the leader of your pack will ensure that no power struggles will emerge between a child and your dog. Children and dogs of any breed can happily coexist when there is a stable family hierarchy.
  • Positive Reinforcement

    Dogs respond best to positive reinforcement and training should always carried out accordingly. By showing them the correct body language and knowing when to intervene will help your dog adopt a balanced relaxed state
  • Control Boundries

    Learn to control and implement your boundaries and your dog or pack will know when and where to stop.When as dog or a pack knows its boundaries and who controls them, there is no need for them to be alert helping them stay calm and relaxed.
  • Break Down Phobias

    A dogs phobia is merely a given response to a situation that has been reinforced by its perceived pack leader.By learning to react in the right manner, your dog can move beyond its phobias.
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